ALFAsim version 1.8.0: get your results even faster

ALFAsim’s latest release brings major improvements in performance and user experience so you’ll never want to use other tools again.

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Novel 1D dynamic multiphase modeling approach for the Oil & Gas industry

Find out more about ESSS new 1D transient multiphase flow simulator for pipelines and production systems.

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Tackle oil and gas production challenges through the use of modern computational techniques

Advanced Models

ALFAsim’s multiphase models have been validated against the best-in-class experimental databases in the industry.


ALFAsim’s unique plug-in infrastructure allows users to develop and implement custom in-house models for handling their specific flow assurance problems.

Intuitive UX

Utilizing modern UX development techniques, ALFAsim provides the user with a logical and intuitive sequence of simulation tasks for pre-processing, analysis and post-processing.

ALFAsim applied to industry

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Pipeline Design

Slug predictions and holdup management, pressure drop, temperature profiles and other transient effects.

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Oil & Gas Production Facilities

ALFAsim's simulation results can assist engineers with operational procedures, sizing and analysis optimization.

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Flow Assurance Applications

Flow assurance plug-ins, developed by the user, can be applied on ALFAsim providing an essential simulation to predict where pipeline blockages may occur and assist on defining prevention strategies.

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News and events


ALFAsim’s new release allows integration into more complex workflows


ESSS invests in Oil & Gas business unit and launches new software

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